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Interested in learning more about WAMH Radio?
Please direct inquires and requests to

Request line: 413–542–2288

Business line: 413-542-2224

Elected Board Members:androo wamh

Elias Schultz – General Manager

Andrew Drinkwater – Program Director

Julia Roch – Production Director

Sarah Wishloff – Music Director

Cole Steiger – Music Director

Brian Zayatz – Events Coordinator

Carey Hiuhu – Chief Operator

                               Hadley Dorn – Publicity Directors

Bob and AnchormanOffice Hours: 

Sundays: 8-9 pm

Fridays: 1-2:30pm

DJ Training Sessions:

DJ Trainings will be announced regularly throughout the semester. However, feel free to visit during office hours if you have any questions about becoming a DJ. Additionally, visit the “Get Involved” page for more information on how you can become a DJ at WAMH.