Get Involved

Are you a student interested in Music, News or Sports? Would you like to be a part of the WAMH Radio family? If you would like to start your own radio show on WAMH here are a few important things to know!

wamh board picA typical student program airs once a week for two hours*. Please see our Programming page for examples of current student programs to get a feel for what other students are doing at WAMH. In order to get your own show just follow these four easy steps!

1. Come see us to schedule a DJ training! We will hold several scheduled training sessions at the beginning of each semester, but we can also schedule them by appointment. At your training session you will get the low-down on how to work the cool WAMH equipment.

2. After your training you can either immediately take your DJ test or schedule it for another time. The DJ test is a 5-10 minute quiz about your training session and the contents of the WAMH DJ Manual. Click the hyper link to access a copy of the DJ manual.

3. Sit in on a show with a current DJ to get the feel of what goes on at the studio.

4. Once you pass your test, fill out a show request form and get scheduled! Whoo!

If you love music or news and would like to get involved without doing a show, we have opportunities to write about music and organize events/concerts. Additionally, if you are looking for administrative experience, would like exposure to budgeting, or the inner workings of media/communications contact one of our E-board members about potential open positions. Moreover, WAMH will be performing workshops and tours in conjunction with NEPR, stay tuned for more information about upcoming programming. As always – feel free to stop by during business hours or get in touch with any of our board members for more information on how you can get involved with WAMH Radio.

* We are willing to accommodate one hour programs on a case by case basis. We also welcome students to have more than one show per week.