This is 89.3 WAMH

Welcome to WAMH Radio! We provide the Pioneer Valley with the finest on air in music, news, and sports. WAMH broadcasts on 89.3 FM out of Keefe Campus Center at Amherst College.

Known for its alternative takes, WAMH is committed to playing new music every hour and delivering quality content for listeners of all types. Here at WAMH, we love providing students with the opportunity to express themselves through radio content. Moreover, WAMH prides itself as the main player in bringing concerts and events to the Amherst College campus. WAMH believes that radio is meant not only to fill the empty auditory spaces in our cars and elevators, but also to bring people together, foster community, and develop lasting relationships. Started in the 1940s, WAMH has been home to symphonic stylings and exhilarating debate for nearly 75 years.

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Radio shows

WAMH Radio broadcasts student programming live on-air to the Pioneer Valley and online through Mixlr from 4pm – 2am, seven days a week. Take a look at our programming schedule!

Music Blog

In 2020, WAMH founded a music blog as an alternative community for thinking about music. Email us at wamh@amherst.edu if you’re interested in joining the staff!

Live concerts

Meet the WAMH E-Board

Holden Orias '24

Station Manager

Holden Orias grew up in Hermosa Beach, California (please ask him about the score for “La La Land”). He is a fervent consumer of yacht rock and synth pop, most prominently Steely Dan, Young Gun Silver Fox, PREP, Hall & Oates, and Depeche Mode. He hopes to help Amherst students find their voice as DJs, all while broadcasting soft rock and sports talk on his show, “Southpaw Soundbites.”

Olive Amdur '23

Tzarina of the Blog

Olive Amdur listens to too much Joni Mitchell and knows a lot about Sufjan Stevens. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY in a house filled with CDs and vinyl but loves a good Spotify discover weekly playlist. She also loves the Modern Lovers, Nick Drake, and Courtney Barnett. Talk to her about indie rock and folk, or write about it for the WAMH blog, which she hopes will someday soon make you forget Pitchfork. 

Nii-Ayi Aryeetey '23

Event Coordinator

Nii-Ayi Aryeetey (who goes by Nii) grew up in rural Warwick, New York. His favorite artists include Playboi Carti, Lil Ugly Mane, Drain Gang, Rina Sawayama, and pre-hiatus Fall Out Boy. He greatly misses attending hardcore punk shows. At WAMH, he is responsible for organizing concerts. You can catch him on the airwaves on his show “The Car Wash,” scaring the citizens of the Pioneer Valley with the newest raucous releases. He’s still hoping for a 2020s nu-metal revival.

Sara Attia '24

Chief Operator

Sara Attia was in the Mountain Goats’ top 0.5% of Spotify listeners for 2021, and listens to a healthier amount of city pop. They were born and raised in central New Jersey. Sara’s responsibilities include staying in the good graces of the radio gods long enough to one day become a beloved personality on the Pioneer Valley airwaves.

Lucas Bernstein '25

Music Director + Events Team

Lucas Bernstein was raised in St. Louis, Missouri (go Cards!) on a steady diet of classic rock and early alternative. His favorite artists today include the Dismemberment Plan, Elliott Smith, Sidney Gish, and Tyler, the Creator, among many others. He’s probably heard your favorite artist “a couple of times,” too. His responsibilities at WAMH include organizing concerts and panning for gold in the station’s CD bin.

Alice Burg '23

Events Team

Alice was born in a valley. WAMH’s very own pioneer valley, funny enough. Greasy day, hot sun. On the day she was born, music resonates throughout this tiny dip in MA, America. The valley serves as an echochamberstereo of sorts, a phone-in-the-bowl type snag, ‘xcept on a much, much larger scale. These days, the valley’s industrial obstructions cause hiccups in the sound waves. The music is completely unrecognizable, and only sounds like conversation. The people on the bus, sitting next to you, are only pretending to speak. She brings the music back, she must. It is her birthright, after all.

Dustin Copeland '25

Technical Director + Production Team

Dustin grew up in the middle of New Jersey around way too much nu-metal, contemporary pop, and americana. Now he listens to hyperpop and also real music, sometimes. Dustin likes loud music, so his responsibilities at the studio mostly involve increasing the capacity for us to produce, record, and play back loud music as easily and as often as possible.

Helen Feibes '23

Publicity Director

Helen Feibes grew up on grunge and rock music in Lexington, Kentucky. Her library has since incorporated new wave, a touch of hyperpop, and any and all danceable tunes. She especially loves Talking Heads, Samia, and Giant Rooks. Through WAMH social media, she aims to bring great music to the community and provide a window into the world of WAMH – from the wonderful DJs to the art, comedy, and oddities gracing the studio walls. 

Milo Leahy-Miller '24​

Production Manager

My name is Milo. I’m from Sag Harbor, NY. I mainly listen to post punk, indie/alt rock, and neo psychedelic music.

Quinn Nelson '25

Programming Director

Quinn is from Oakland, California, and has been in the top 0.5% of Charli XCX listeners for the past two and a half years. She is currently obsessed with The Replacements, and believes the boy was Brandy’s, not Monica’s. She enjoys shamelessly stalking people on Spotify and eating cereal with various milk alternatives. She hopes to get better at spreadsheet-making in her new role.

Kamille Smith '25

Publicity Team

Kamille is from North Carolina and listens to a lot of Lana Del Rey and Fiona Apple. She enjoys long drives to nowhere in particular, accompanied by very loud music and collecting CDs for the CD player she doesn’t currently own, but will one day obtain. This semester, she hopes to propel WAMH into the realm of Twitter virality.

Emma Strawbridge '25

Events Team + Publicity Team

Emma is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and continues to support the Flyers, even after everything the Philly hockey team has done to them, emotionally. Their Spotify big 5 are Childish Gambino, Lorde, Billie Eilish, Remi Wolf, and Bon Iver. While they are not detailing the many woes of the Flyers on their show “The Everything Drawer,” they can be found fighting with their stem homework (and losing).

Chris Tun '25

Music Director + Production Team

Chris is from a suburb of Atlanta. He grew up surrounded by music, and considers it as a big part of his life. When he is not listening to music, he watches pretentious art films and roleplays as a hardboiled detective. He says he plays guitar, and that is about it. Like an onion, he has many layers of musical interests, and loves to get music requests (as long as he likes them).

Sylvie Wolff '25

Publicity Team

Sylvie is from Baltimore, Maryland. She still owns (and regularly wears) the t-shirt her mom bought for her when she was 8 at a Katy Perry concert. She enjoys sweet potatoes, green clothing, and using Spotify like social media. Her music taste consists of stolen music from people she thinks are cool — some favorites include Fiona Apple, Grimes, Angel Olsen, Greta van Fleet, and Hozier.

E-Board Alumni

  • Matthew Ezersky ’22 – Station Manager, 2021
  • Maria Gramotina ’22 – Events Director, 2021
  • Anna Kanengiser ’22 – Archivist, 2021
  • Maya Ledesma ’22 – Publicity Director, 2020-21