Music Director Recommendations: 10/30/21

WAMH gets sent CDs from musicians and labels across the country, and our Music Directors spend hours in the studio listening to them! From here on out, we’ll be doing a weekly roundup of their favorite listens from all those albums. Read their recommendations below, listen to the weekly picks playlist on our Spotify, and, if you’re a WAMH DJ, find the CDs on the rack next to the Mixlr computer. Enjoy!

Helen TrioBlind to Armageddon
This hard rock trio has plenty of songwriting chops, with some great guitar melodies and  hooks on this record. They take clear influence from bands like Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden, but take enough stylistic risks to keep from sounding stale. It loses some steam towards the end, but there are still plenty of highlights — check out “Pull Me In”, “Fall From Grace”, “Grave Digger”, “Blind to Armageddon”.

Shady NastyBad Posture
I highly recommend “Get Buff” above all.
“Get Buff” – Reminds me of early King Krule. Twangy guitars accompany an obviously accented multitrack vocals, but overall moody. Ending of the track is nice.

OginaliiCause & Affection
Solid alternative rock influenced by 90s alternative rock and psychedelic rock. I recommend “No Littering.”
“No Littering” – Indie guitars over nonchalant vocals. Reminds me of Angel Olsen. The guitars stand out to me, with a good instrumental backing.With a catchy hook emulates 90s alternative but still maintains contemporary sounds. Solid track.

“Daily Routine” – Good rock track. You can hear a melody that reminds me of the Beach Boys, but if they grew up with the internet and lived in the Midwest.

James SupercaveM.O.W.O
“Falling”  – Funky indie pop. 

Lisa/LizaMomentary Glance
Dark, brooding acoustic indie. The Matador Pt 2 and Black Pines are the clear standouts, but go for True Detective if you want the chill, slightly unsettled vibes without the length.

FuryFailed Entertainment
I’m no expert on the punk/metal sound these guys have, but it’s clear they have the energy and talent to thrive in that space. check out “Angels Over Berlin”, “Vacation”, “Birds of Paradise”, “Mono No Aware”.

Kingfish is a rising blue star who plays like the old greats. This album has classic sounds with some fresh innovations. If you want any idea of what his sound is, just know that track 2 features Buddy Guy!

Dave Rempis, Brandon Lopez, and Ryan PackardThe Early Bird Gets
A good experimental jazz album with free jazz influences. The record features saxophone, drums, bass, and electronics. I recommend starting with “Archae Opteryx.”

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